ecoTEC Intro VMW AS

Boiler ecoTEC Intro
The new ecoTEC intro VMW condensing boilers (for heating and the production of domestic hot water) are available in powers of 24 and 28 kW, increasing the range of product choices within the consolidated range of Vaillant condensing boilers.
In fact, this product gives the opportunity to approach the world of condensing boilers offered by Vaillant also for new users, without incurring excessive costs for replacing the old boiler.
ecoTEC intro maintains the focus on energy saving by fitting a high efficiency modulating pump that minimizes annual electricity consumption, with a consequent positive impact on the bill.
Also with regard to gas saving, Vaillant proposes the new combustion technology, called fan push, where it is the fan that, thanks to the different pressure levels exerted on the gas valve, guarantees the right ratio between combustion air and gas.
The ecoTEC intro case is simple and essential, the dimensions are extremely small which do not, however, affect or reduce the quality and efficiency of the product, guaranteed by Vaillant.
The front panel introduces an innovative, extremely simple touch screen interface with 6 keys, black background display and 2 white digits with intermittent ignition.
An additional e-bus connector has been added to the lower part of the boiler which allows connection to Vaillant temperature control units and thermostats.
These wall-hung boilers are very simple to install thanks to their dimensions (62.6cm height, 40cm width and 27cm depth) and low weight (about 26 kg): these characteristics make them ideal whenever a replacement is necessary.
ecoTEC intro is approved for outdoor installations down to -5 ° C.
All the components that are present within the product comply with the ErP energy efficiency regulations, a guideline also espoused by Vaillant, as a brand sensitive to environmental issues.
This is all that the new ecoTEC intro can offer, in addition to a competitive price that does not affect performance.
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