Heat Pumps Air-Water

Coenergia is retailer and distributor of air-water heat pumps energy efficient to Junkers brand, Panasonic and Trienergia.
The air-water heat pump then takes advantage of a renewable energy source, that is, the heat in the outside air and, through a process that transfers heat from a colder fluid (outside air) into a warm room (the water of domestic heating), produces heat without combustion. Furthermore, the reversible heat pumps allow to invert the operating cycle, and can therefore be used for heating in winter and for cooling in summer. The use of heat pumps therefore allows to benefit from considerable advantages:
- Use of a renewable energy source
- Use of a single device for both the air-conditioning that for heating
- The absence of combustion and thus safety
- High energy efficiency - low consumption
- Reduction of CO2 emissions
- Possibility of integration with thermal solar system
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