Dazetechnology was born from the passion, interest and enthusiasm for everything related to sustainable mobility. DazeTechnology S.r.l. was founded by two mechanical engineers Andrea Daminelli and Giacomo Zenoni in August 2016. Since then, innovative ideas and cutting-edge projects have led Dazetechnology to hold a fundamental place in the panorama of electric mobility. The skills deriving from this important project have allowed DazeTechnology to grow and expand its range of products over the years, all aimed at simplifying daily private recharging. In 2021 Dazetechnology achieves important sales results. In fact, more than 3000 wallboxes are produced and sold, generating a turnover of over 2 million. Also in 2021 Dazetechnology achieves ISO 9001 certification. Coenergia is a retailer of wallbox electric car charging stations Dazetechnology, which it offers for sale for the Italian and European market.