Tigo Energy Inc is a US company from Silicon Valley founded in 2007 and today a leader in Smart Module Optimizer technology. Tigo Energy Italy Srl has its headquarters for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Tuscany, in Montevarchi (Arezzo).
Tigo Junction Boxes are special junction boxes used to connect photovoltaic cells to each other and optimize their performance. The latest generation Trienergia MWT photovoltaic panels with 60 and 66 cells are equipped with the TS4 Tigo universal platform, with the Junction Box and the cover "D", but on request it is possible to choose another cover to add different functions to the system . Thanks to Tigo's TS4 universal platform, it is possible to choose various types of roofs and then add additional plug and play features to the photovoltaic system. The covers available are for example Long Strings TS4-L, Optimization (Optimization TS4-O), Safety (Safety TS4-S), Fire Safety (Fire Safety TS4-F), Monitoring (Monitoring TS4-M) , Diodes (Diodes TS4-D).
Coenergia is the exclusive dealer for Italy of Tigo solutions additional to the photovoltaic module.
For the optimization of all other types of photovoltaic panels, Coenergia also offers Retrofit applications for sale, solutions that can be added to the Junction Box already installed on the module, such as TIGO TS4-RM Monitoring, TIGO TS4-AO Optimizer , TIGO TS4-AO-Duo Optimizer and TIGO TS4-RS Safety.