Panels for Solar Thermal Systems Forced Circulation

Coenergia is dealer of solar panels for forced circulation system (CF). Solar systems with forced circulation capture solar energy through the solar collectors at high absorption efficiency, plan or vacuum type. Through these systems the sun's energy is converted into thermal energy, used for heating and for producing sanitary hot water. Unlike the natural circulation plants, those in forced circulation use special electric pumps to circulate the fluid. The solar station allows the transfer of energy from the collector to the water boiler, while the electronic control unit manages the entire system. On request they can be supplied with kettles for integration with heat pumps. Thanks to close partnerships with leading manufacturers of solar thermal systems, offer only material from the best brands. For prices or to request a free estimate of the cost of supply, select a specific product and entered in the data sheet. You will find all the official documentation and the ability to request a quote. We also provide assistance for pre-purchase recommend the products best suited to individual needs.