Inverter Fronius Italia

Fronius International Gmbh is an Austrian company founded in 1945, always engaged in the search for new and innovative solutions. Perfection and efficiency are showcased in every Fronius product and are continuously recognized by the awarding of national and international awards.
The Solar Energy business unit of Fronius has been active in the field of solar energy since 1992 with the aim of revolutionizing the energy supply of our planet, to achieve energy self-sufficiency. The achievement of the highest possible quality standard is the main objective of Fronius, which demonstrates it by offering a wide range of innovative products for photovoltaic, both for the production and for the storage and distribution of solar energy. Fronius offers inverters, accumulators, meters and systems for the monitoring of photovoltaic systems.
The high quality of Fronius is demonstrated not only through efficient and reliable products, but also through service, technical support, the Fronius Service Partner program, and technical training courses for installers.
The Italian office, Fronius Italia srl, is located in Bussolengo (Verona).
Coenergia is distributor and retailer for Italy and Europe of single-phase or three-phase Fronius inverters, hybrid inverters, lithium storage batteries, monitoring systems and other components for photovoltaic systems.
The energy self-sufficiency requires availability of photovoltaic electricity more than temporary, and that is why Fronius many years engages in the research of efficient ways to store solar energy. The development of our Fronius Energy Cell is a milestone for this industry. The goal is to store the energy PV produced in excess in the form of hydrogen and make it available as electricity when required.
The high quality demands of Fronius is not only demonstrated by Our displays: our technical support and our Fronius Service Partner program are exclusive services and a fundamental part of our philosophy.
At the Italian branch continues its ambitious program of technical training aimed at installers, to give them a license to become our Fronius Service Partner, and then to be able to carry out technical assistance to our account: today we rely on the territory of more than 300 FSP.