Coenergia has included in its product catalogue the prestigious Toshiba brand to offer a range of ever-wider and professional solutions.
With Toshiba we also share business philosophy and attention to the environment.
The Toshiba Group has developed an Environmental Action Plan as the cornerstone of its "Objective 2050" to become one of the world's most respected and environmentally friendly companies.
It is based on four main pillars that are:
  1. The environmental development of the Products, to achieve the least environmental impact throughout their life cycle
  2. The development of Technologies to minimize CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  3. The development of production processes to minimize their impact on the environment
  4. Corporate management in the environmental sense is through communication that all basic employee activities are activated for a continuous improvement in the environmental sense.
The introduction of products conceived and made with these characteristics is increasingly contributing to the improvement of the environment in which we live. In this way, Toshiba, pursuing its goal of becoming one of the world's leading environmental and maintenance companies with its four pillars, contributes to developing a world where people can lead to lifestyles in harmony with the planet.