Multisplit Shorai Edge R32 - Toshiba

Multisplit Air Conditioning Shorai Edge R32 - Toshiba
Wall mounted monosplit system for heating and air conditioning for residential areas with R32 low GWP refrigerant
Monosplit Shorai Edge R32 Series Inverter, with integrated wi-fi
Energy Efficiency CLASS: A +++ / A +++
Efficient temperature range in cooling: from -15 °C to +46 °C  
Efficient temperature range in heating: from -15 °C to +24 °C 
SEER up to: 8.6 kW
SCOP up to: 5.1 kW
Indoor/outdoor unit weight: 10~14/26~42 kg
From 10.000 to 24.000 btu
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  • DC Rotary Compressors with Coolant R327
  • 7 sizes 2,0 – 7,0 kW
  • Vector Inverter PAM&PWM
  • Low power consumption: even 127w consumption
  • Low sound levels up to just 23 dBA
TB-10NKVSI: Toshiba UI SHORAI EDGE 10000btu (2,5kW) Gas R32 + Wi-Fi integrato
TB-13NKVSI:Toshiba UI SHORAI EDGE 13000btu (3,3kW) Gas R32 + Wi-Fi integrato
TB-16NKVSI: Toshiba UI SHORAI EDGE 16000btu (4,2kW) Gas R32 + Wi-Fi integrato
TB-22JKVSI: Toshiba UI SHORAI EDGE 22000btu (5,0kW) Gas R32 + Wi-Fi integrato
TB-24NKVSI: Toshiba UI SHORAI EDGE 24000btu (6,5kW) Gas R32 + Wi-Fi integrato