11 Dec
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Operational for December 2020 Coenergia will close from 24 December 2020 to 6 January 2021 inclusive. We will resume normal activities on Thursday 7 January 2021. Transport will suffer delays due to the period therefore, to receive the goods by...
Black Friday con Wallbox
27 Nov
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Scopri il Black Friday di Wallbox! Dal 27 Novembre al 4 Dicembre 2020 acquista uno dei prodotti della linea Wallbox e ottieni subito uno sconto del 15%! Affrettati, la promozione sarà valida solo per i primi 30 acquisti fatti dal 27.11.2020 al...
10 Nov
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Watch the new Coenergia Video
03 Nov
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BYD firmware update required

Byd Byd box Hvs 5.1 Hvs 7.7 Hvs 10.2 Hvs 12.8 Hvm 8.3 Hvm 11.0 Hvm 13.8 Hvm 16.6 Hvm 19.3 Hvm 22.1
BYD has informed us of a necessary firmware update to be done before winter for all BYB Battery-Box Premium HVM / HVS systems with firmware versions BMU <3.13 and BMS <3.19. This NEW update provides better protection during a prolonged PV...
Formazione SolarEdge
29 Oct
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Enter the EDGE Academy and become a SolarEdge expert EDGE is the English acronym for Educate, Develop, Grow and Energize (Training, Development, Growth and Energy). EDGE Academy is currently offering the free SolarEdge basic training course. The...
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