Amtron Compact 2.0s - MENNEKES

Amtron Compact 2.0s - MENNEKES 
The new AMTRON Compact 2.0s lends itself perfectly to the easy charging of electric vehicles in private environments. it is ideal for being associated with a photovoltaic system, as it has the ability to manage the energy produced directly by the system in operation.

3-phase connection
Compact design
Charging power: 7kW and 22 kW Backend and RFID authorization
Control elements: LED information field
Integrated 7.5 meter charging cable permanently connected with type 2 connector
Easy to use just log in to the station and with the RFID authorization you can start charging immediately, as it does not require any connection with the app in tow.
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Amtron Compact 2.0s with integrated cable - MENNEKES

The new AMTRON® Compact 2.0s is equipped with the latest technology, this wallbox, in addition to being easy to handle, offers maximum safety combined with an interesting quality-price ratio. The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s is compatible with all common electric vehicles. Thanks to the compact design, it can be installed without problems even in small garages. Just connect and recharge at any time and without authorization. The 7.5-meter type 2 charging cable, integrated into the wallbox and housed in the appropriate support, makes charging at home even easier.