Warning: from 1 March 2020, the solar division of ABB was purchased by the Italian group Fimer spa. For the product catalogue, please refer to the FIMER INVERTER section.The quality of the proposed inverter is the same as always, but with a new design and an international group behind that complements and reinforces the proposals of the market! 

ABB is a company founded in 1988 by the merger of ASEA and Brown Boveri, and is now among the world’s technology leaders. 
The ABB Group offers a wide range of industrial technological products in the field of energy, renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric), industrial automation, robotics, electric vehicles, IT security. ABB is the ideal partner for those who want to achieve energy efficiency objectives, reducing both consumption and environmental impact, in any field, both industrial and residential.                                                                As of May 1, 2014, Power One became part of the ABB Group, a company known in the field of conversion solutions and power management, specialized in the production of photovoltaic inverters (including the famous inverter Power One Aurora). Following the acquisition, the quality of the ABB inverters remained the same as Power One, but with a renewed design and an international group behind which integrates and reinforces the market proposals.                                                                                                            ABB in Italy is present with various production sites, and the management and offices of ABB spa are located in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). The Italian office of Power-One Italy spa is located in Tuscany, in Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo).                                Coenergia is a dealer of inverters and storage batteries for photovoltaic ABB and Power One, which offers for sale in Italy and Europe.                                                          ABB is the ideal partner for Coenergia, as it offers the widest range of roducts in the field of solar energy.

These are the benefits for the customer:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Energy harvesting applications in alternative energy
  • Increased power density
  • Better performance in high-temperature environments
  • Less dissipated heat lowers cooling costs at the site level and system.