Conditioners Multisplit Inverter

Coenergia is retailer and distributor of multi split inverter air conditioners. The multi-split air conditioners let you use a single outdoor unit to operate multiple indoor units (two, three, four or more split). With the multi-split inverter all indoor units to be operated with the same mode, ie cooling or heating (in case of models with heat pump). There are various models of air conditioners Toshiba, Cooper&Hunter, Panasonic or Hisense split wall, ceiling or floor. All multi-split inverter climate are made in accordance with Directive 2009/125 / EC which regulates the ERP (Energy Related Products), and offer high efficiency, ensuring a good energy saving. Thanks to the inverter technology in fact allow an optimization of consumption compared to on-off models. The power management functions ensure high-level performance while minimizing power consumption, and operating at lower noise levels. For all the technical details, choose the product and refer to the datasheet. For prices or to get a quote, select a brand and a model and use the appropriate button "Get Quote".