Wuxi Suntech Power Co. Ltd is a Chinese company that develops and produces the most reliable and affordable solar energy solutions in the world.                                  Founded in 2001, Suntech has produced and marketed solar photovoltaic panels in over 80 countries worldwide. The company’s objective is to reach Grid Parity through photovoltaic solar energy, taking advantage of the pioneering R&D sector. The aim is to make available the advanced technology in the photovoltaic sector to both individual customers and large multinational.                                                                                      Suntech is recognized worldwide one of the best companies in the category of photovoltaic modules. Eupd Reserch awarded Suntech as "Top Brand PV", making it the first company in China to win this award. Suntech also received awards from the United Nations Climate Change Conference for its contribution to environmental protection.

Their are to reach grid parity through solar energy by taking advantage of our pioneering R&D and customer-centric innovations.“Suntech Yijia”, the Distributed PV brand of Wuxi Suntech, would be devoted to bringing the green energy to tens of thousands of families. Our goal is to provide reliable access, from private residences to global corporations, to nature's cleanest and most abundant energy source.Suntech is recognized worldwide as a best-in-class multinational company.

The solar industry's top research institute, EuPD Research, awarded Suntech Top Brand PV, making Suntech the first company in China to win this award.
Suntech received awards from the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

Coenergia, as an authorized dealer, offers Suntech photovoltaic panels for sale in Italy and Europe.


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