Kostal Italia inverter

KOSTAL is a German group that was founded in 1912 as manufacturer of electromechanical and mechatronic devices for automotive and industrial applications; in 2006 was born the Solar ElectricLtd.KOSTAL that with its 5 subsidiaries is now a leader in the production and distribution of inverters PIKO
His story, along with solid experience, make Kostal a solid and reliable corporate that can design products of high technology and quality: PIKO KOSTAL inverters are manufactured in Europe and meet stringent quality standards and rigorous testing, for this reason they have guarantees extendable up to 20 years.
All Piko Kostal inverters, three-phase or single-phase, are produced in plants in Europe and offer up to 20 years of warranty, reflecting the company’s attention to high quality standards.
All inverters PIKO KOSTAL are characterized by a variety of standard interfaces and communication options that make them easily usable by any user.
KOSTAL inverters are equipped with versatile communication system and an integrated data logger as standard, which allows monitoring of system operation, both locally and remotely, thanks to free software downloaded from KOSTAL website.
Coenergia is an authorized dealer of Kostal in Italy, and offers a wide range of inverters on the Italian market.