Led Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor

Coenergia is distributor and reseller of LED lamps for lighting of interiors and exteriors.
Lighting systems LED (short for Light Emitting Diode, a diode that emits light) are increasingly being used for both the interior lighting (homes, offices, hotels, shops, ...) and exterior (roads, parking, ...). This is because the LED lamps are more efficient from the energy point of view, last longer and less polluting than regular light bulbs.
Here are some of the main advantages of LED lighting:
  • energy saving: a LED lamp allows a saving of about 90% compared to the incandescent lamp and 66% compared to fluorescent lamps
  • great durability: the LED lamps retain about 70-80% light even after the initial 50,000 hours of use (the average life of an incandescent bulb is 1500 hours instead)
  • do not pollute and do not contain toxic substances such as mercury and lead
  • do not emit UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared)
  • high luminous efficacy and color rendering (can reach 120 lumens / watt)
  • less heat generation
  • lower maintenance costs
  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • environmentally friendly and easily disposing
For full details on LED lamps and other lighting systems, select the product and see the data sheet.