Trienergia Pannelli Fotovoltaici

Trienergia is the first Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules of new generation and high efficiency to go outside the box. He created the Trienergia Energy Design, the first modular system of photovoltaic panels able to cover all the triangular roofs, giving at the same time an aesthetic unattainable with the normal solar panels on the market. An installed capacity greater by using of a triangular module combined with rectangular ones and a plant design that is the same of standard systems.
Combining triangular photovoltaic panels (21 cells) and rectangular (42 or 60 cells) can cover the roof layer in an aesthetically harmonious way, increasing the value of the house. Exploiting the latest photovoltaic technologies (backcontact MWT - Metal Wrap) allows you to achieve a performance greater than 10%.
Trienergia modules have been studied and designed from Trienergia after making a carefull choice of raw materials and making arrangements with a few producers in the world to start series production.
Quality control is realized by a certificator authority to make its products reliable and aligned to the highest standards of market quality.
Trienergia also offers inverters, storage systems (accumulators or batteries for photovoltaic) and charging units for electric cars.

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