Trienergia module TRIxxxVP-BB 132 half-cut cells STAR

monoPERC Photovoltaic Module (MWT)
with 132 half-cut cells M6
Anodized Aluminum BLACK Frame
MC4 connectors
Product guarantee: 20 years
Yield guarantee: 12 years to 90| 30 years at 82%
Certifications: IEC 61215 - IEC 61730/1 - IEC 61701 - FIRECLASS 1 
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Black monocrystalline photovoltaic modules PERC back-contact Trienergia TRIxxxVP-BB STAR 132 half cells

The TRIxxxVP-BB 132 half cell STAR photovoltaic panels are the new modules of the Italian company Trienergia with M6 cells. It is a line of highly efficient modules with a very attractive design, suitable for installation on prestigious properties.
They are latest generation black PV panels, which adopt all the most recent technological innovations in the photovoltaic sector. These are monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) modules with back-contact MWT (Metal Wrap Through) and ribbon-less technology. On these modules, the photovoltaic cells are no longer welded at the connection points, but glued onto an EBfoil® BYS, a special conductive backsheet which allows for electrical contacts only on the back. This makes it possible to achieve high yield and great efficiency, approximately 20% higher than common photovoltaic solar panels. The risk of breakage and micro-fracture is also reduced, ensuring greater resistance and durability over time.
Thanks to the black anodized aluminum frame, they have a total-black design with a great aesthetic impact. This makes them the best choice for installation in areas with certain landscape constraints, or on the roofs of prestigious villas and houses, of which they are able to increase the aesthetic prestige.
The performance guarantee is very valid: 90% efficiency up to 12 years after installation and 82% after 30 years of use.
They are solar panels assembled in the Trienergia plant in Bondeno di Gonzaga (Mantova).

Technical features

Rectangular PERC monocrystalline photovoltaic modules
132 half cells M6 - 166 x 83 mm
Dimensions: 1889 x 1035 x 30 mm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 20.50kg
Backcontact conductive backsheet
Full black colour
Black anodized aluminum frame
JunctionBox central
MC4 connectors
Maximum load: 5400Pa
Product guarantee: 20 years
Performance guarantee: 12 years at 90% - 30 years at 82%
Certifications: IEC 61215, IEC 61730/1, IEC 61701, FIRECLASS 1
Available model, depending on the rated power of the ftv module: TRI405VP-BB

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