Sale Integrated boilers with Solar Thermal Panels

Conergia is distributor and retailer of traditional or condensation boilers that can be integrated with the solar thermal systems for the production of domestic hot water and for heating. Condensing boilers allows to heat reducing the fuel consumption (which can be gas or oil), exploiting the "latent heat" of condensation of the water vapor produced by the combustion in the boiler flue gas. In this way, the condensing boiler allowing keeping yields higher than 100%, while protecting the environment. Thanks to the reduction of the heating costs, it is therefore possible amortize the purchase of a condensation boiler in a few years. You can also integrate the solar thermal plant boiler for domestic hot water or for space heating, allowing you to make the most of the energy produced by the sun, resulting in improved energy efficiency and thus saving on consumption. To know all the details of condensing boilers or conventional, refer to the product data sheets, where you can request a free price quote.