Coenergia is a distributor and retailer of Sungrow inverters.
Sungrow founded in 1997, is a global leader in research and development in solar inverters, with many patents and a broad product portfolio offering photovoltaic inverter systems as well as energy storage systems commercial and residential applications.
In addition,  the Company is the leader in the Chinese photovoltaic market with additional product deployments in the US, France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Australia and the Asian-Pacific regions.
In 2016, Sungrow placing on the market a new storage inverter factory and in the same year became the major photovoltaic inverter supplier that provides both central and string inverters.
Sungrow has established, over the years, 16 worldwide branch located throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa, maintaining a market share of around 25% in Germany and over 15% in the world.
Sungrow photovoltaic inverter are more adaptable to the grid and they offer easy installation thanks to the their small size  and the plug and play design.
In addition the Sungrow inverter has a low costs maintenance, in contrast to other inverters.
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