Mounting Systems for PV plants

Coenergia is dealer and distributor of mounting systems for PV plants.  that can be used as a veranda or parking for the car.
Among these are the mounting systems, essential for a perfect installation of the photovoltaic system. Also you can find the ballast to be used on flat roofs: a single ballast for different inclinations.

Finally the special shelters with photovoltaic panels installed on the top, are intelligent energy solutions, an excellent example of architectural integration of PV in residential and civil. The shelters are modular and allow you to become independent of any increases in the price of electricity.The shelter can be used to create a veranda photovoltaic, with the triple advantage of decorating the outside of your home, create a shadow zone and relax and produce energy in a clean way. Being modular, can be configured at will the size of the shelter, choosing how to customize the side walls (for more privacy and to repair from the weather) or storage area. Another possible application is that of the realization of a photovoltaic roof that serves as a parking repaired for car, motorbike or bicycle. The structure is modular, so you can build a shed for one or more cars, while leveraging the performance of the PV system to achieve energy independence.
In addition to the side walls, the roof you can customize with storage for garden tools or to store bikes. Consult the data sheets for all the features, for prices or have an estimate for the cost of construction.
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