Coenergia is distributor of the innovative S: FLEX structures, ideal for mounting photovoltaic systems.
S: FLEX was founded in 2009 by two experts in the field, who have implemented successful solar plant projects in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.
The peculiarity of these structures is precisely the flexibility and attention to the evolving development of solar technology and the specific needs of customers.
he S:FLEX mounting systems for sheet metal roofing are manufactured in a particularly material-saving manner and with optimal ergonomics. Using our suitably trimmed, pre-drilled trapezoidal sheet metal rail with sealing tape covered underside of the ST-AK 1/12 mounting rail, PV systems can be installed quickly and cleanly on all common types of trapezoidal sheeting.
A solution for every installation need!
SFLEX - Pitched Roof Structures for Framed and Frameless Photovoltaic Modules
SFLEX - Ground Mount Installation Systems – Landscape Installation Steps
S:FLEX Pitched Roof Installation Steps
SFLEX - Flat roof system - SOUTH orientation
SFLEX - Flat roof system - EW orientation
SFLEX - 2.3 MW Ground Mount Installation Time Lapse
SFLEX Penetrating Flat Roof Installation Steps
SFLEX Passaggi per l'installazione su tetto piatto con perforazione
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