Coenergia was born in order to face the more and more increasing request and research for technical support by installers and designers of electrical, thermic and building sector.

This mission comes true thanks to the founders experience, who have decided to give continuity to the spread of an eco-friendly energy philosophy.
We are engaged in distribution and sale of photovoltaic materials, thermal and thermodynamic, air conditioners and heating, smart technologies, e-mobility, lighting products and energy-saving appliances.

our experience

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Our values

Satisfy the demand for photovoltaic materials and heat, giving technical support to planners and installers of the electricity sector, thermal and construction. NOT realize turnkey plants
Our philosophy is to assist the sector leaders to make the energy needs of the planet increasingly harmless
The choice of high-end products allows our customers to implement projects that will last

Our services

Coenergia provides technical advice at the highest level for all products sold. Boasting many years of experience in the field of photovoltaics and a thorough knowledge of each individual brands in its portfolio, the technical department Coenergia is able to suggest a case by case combinations of the most efficient products.
Advices provided by Coenergia do not stop at just materials: fundamental support at the project level in the system design, in the search for the maximum utilization of the areas of installation and, more generally, in the techniques of optimization of the plant.
Support designers and installers in the first draft of a project on which to make a realistic estimate of the costs. The project will then have to be examined and finalized by your technical reference.

PV Cycle

Our History

A story of passion and enterprise

The birth
Coenergia S.r.l. was born from an idea of an entrepreneurs team who founded the company in July 2007 following the issue of the second decree “Conto Energia".
The aim from the very outset was to create a company providing the new Italian photovoltaic market with products and services specifically dedicated to designers, installers and system integrators.

Immediately we started working relationships with leading manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic technologies completing our offer with our production of facilities support and the inclusion in the catalogue of accessories for providing both grid-connected photovoltaic systems and complete stand alone systems.
The invention
In 2009 we introduced the first system of photovoltaic modules that thanks to the combination of rectangular and triangular modules allows the exploitation of whole layers of irregularly shaped rooves like triangles or trapezoids, enabling the installer to build plants with capacities higher than those achieved with the use of only rectangular modules. Moreover, this system allows to achieve a more linear aesthetic result geometry of the roof.
The evolution
To date Coenergia can boast a structure that includes commercial and administrative internal personnel and a technical / commercial network outside, that can follow customers from sizing to support up to the complete supply of PV products.
From 2013 we integrated our offer by including products related to the thermo-sanitary (heat pumps, solar heating, air conditioning ..) and energy saving, as the LED and green appliances: we must not only produce energy in an environmentally friendly, but you have to also use it without waste!