Panels for Solar Thermal Natural Circulation Plants

Coenergia is dealer of solar panels to be used in systems with natural circulation.
The natural circulation plants harness the energy produced by the sun to transform it into thermal energy to be used for heating or for the production of hot water.
In these systems, the circulation of the liquid thermo-coil takes place in a natural way, using a simple physical principle, the "convection". For the circulation of the liquid it is not therefore necessary to use electric energy and is not required the use of "circulatory" or control systems. The conformation of the natural circulation system allows in fact to the heat transfer fluid heated by the solar panel to be traced back to the heating chamber of the tank without circulator auxiliary, thus heating the ACS inside the tank. These solar thermal systems can be installed on flat roofs or on groundwater and connected to a heat source (water heater or boiler combined). For prices or to request an estimate of the cost of installation, choose a brand and refer to the specific data sheet. We also offer pre-sales consultancy to help you choose the system that best suits your needs.