Wallbox Chargers

Wallbox Chargers S.L. is a Spanish company founded in 2015 and specialized in the design, production and distribution of innovative and intelligent charging solutions for rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles. The purpose of Wallbox is to create simple and effective charging systems for electric cars, to accelerate the transition to more sustainable transport systems. The goal is to make charging an electric or hybrid car as easy as charging a mobile phone.
These are wall-mounted charging stations suitable for installation in your home, for example on the wall of your home garage, but not only. Innovative solutions to recharge electric and hybrid machines quickly and easily. They allow you to recharge any model of electric car equipped with a type 1 or type 2 charging plug. These wallboxes have a modern design, are very small but powerful and thanks to wi-fi or mobile connectivity, they allow remote control (with smartphone, tablet or pc) the charging status of the vehicle.
Coenergia is a retailer of Wallbox Chargers electric car charging stations, which it offers for sale for the Italian and European market.
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