Wallbox Pulsar plus

Wallbox Pulsar plus 7,4 - 22 kw

Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a charging station for electric and hybrid cars to be installed on the wall at home.
Available in three power bands (7.4 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW), it is compatible with any electric car equipped with a type 1 or type 2 charging plug.
The ideal solution to recharge your electric car at home, in a private garage or even in a condominium garage.
Very fast charging time thanks to Power Boost.
Very simple to use, small but powerful, this charger is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and can therefore also be controlled remotely via an app for smartphones, tablets or PCs.
Includes 5 or 7 meter long charging cable.
Available in white and black color
The Pulsar Plus can be installed alone or configured as a master within an installation with multiple units.
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  • Easy to use - If you have never used a charger before, Pulsar Plus is perfect for you. A charger so easy to use, you don’t even have to read the user manual.
  • Status lighting - One quick look is enough to know all about Pulsar Plus. Thanks to its status lighting, you will know whether Pulsar Plus is still charging your car or whether charging is already completed.
  • Small but powerful - Our advanced technology in a nutshell. Pulsar Plus combines high tech power with a compact size. It has all the functionalities you need and still looks great and compact at your home.
Code WB-PPT1-07W WB-PPT2-07BO WB-PPT2-07WO WB-PPT1-07B WB-PPT2-07W WB-PPT2-07B WB-PPT2-22W WB-PPT2-22B
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