SolarWatt Pannelli Fotovoltaici

Solarwatt GmbH is a German company based in Dresden mainly involved for Mono and Poli modules production along with turnkey Solar power plants.
Solarwatt was found in 1993 with small production of mudules able to supply power for vending machine as well as emergency road column even if very soon they switched their production to antishock and antivandalism PV solar modules.
Currently production capacity achieve 300 Mwp of PV modules assembled totally at German head quarter.
These numbers allows Solarwatt to be amongst the leading companies of the PV sector in Germany.
Thanks to innovative and long performance Solarwatt constantly increase its capability to improve customers along with investors as reliable partners. Vision of company founders together with staff support are considering base of company success. Commitment of Solarwatt providing occupation for more than 430 employees.
The transition of the global energy supply to renewable energy sources is the challenge of the century.
Purpose of Solarwatt is to produce electricity trough Solar modules as normal daily life and leave people indipendent than non-renewable resources.
Solarwatt means experience, quality, innovation and reliability.
Coenergia is a retailer of Solarwatt products in Italy and Europe, such as photovoltaic panels, storage batteries, roofs and photovoltaic verandas.