Main features
  • 2 sizes of 190 and 260 liters
  • COP value 3.57 and 3.69
  • Maximum water temperature 65 ° C
  • Enamelled steel tank
  • Standard version and Smart version
  • Easy and intuitive to use
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Heat pump water heater for the production of domestic hot water

The particularity of the Estía water heater lies in being able to convey the characteristics of a heat pump integrated with those of a traditional water heater into a single product, all accompanied by efficient Toshiba technology. The range consists of two sizes, 190 liters and 260 liters.

It is an easy-to-install product thanks to its size, it can also be transported horizontally. The fan has an air flow variable from 200 m3 / h to 800 m3 / h with a head up to 200 Pa to satisfy any installation configuration.

In addition to the standard version, the Estía water heater also comes in the enlarged "Smart" version equipped with a control board that allows you to expand its functions:
  • integrate the machine with the Smart Grid
  • Integrate with a photovoltaic system
  • install an additional pump
  • connect an additional temperature senso
The control, installed on the machine, the user can independently and quickly manage the production of hot water for domestic use:
  • AUTO function: set the water production according to the needs
  • ECO function: set a minimum water temperature set point
  • BOOST function: the water heater works simultaneously with the electric heater
  • BACKUP function: manage the machine in emergency mode
  • SILENT function: the fan speed decreases to a minimum in order to reduce the sound emission of the unit in operation
  • HOLIDAY function: the water heater is turned off and only the dlsplay remains on.
Code TB-BP190 TB-BP190FV TB-BP260 TB-BP260FV
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