Estía Box Toshiba

The Estía heat pump system with external built-in module with hydronic kit

Estía Box encloses the split range of Toshiba air-water heat pumps in a built-in module.

Main features
  • Recessed module with Estía Alta Potenza and Standard hydronic unit up to 11kW
  • Complete kit of the main components of the thermal and water-sanitary system
  • Stainless steel kettle with 200l storage capacity
  • With water storage and a piping kit for simple connection to the heating
  • Ideal for renovations and new buildings
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Available for both Estia 5 High Power and Estia 5 Standard models, it allows the production of hot water for sanitary use and heating. The Estia Box can be installed outside or in the boiler room, thus leaving the internal spaces free.
The hydronic kits of the Estia 5 High Power and Estia 5 Standard models can be assembled inside a recessed module in galvanized sheet metal, treated against the action of atmospheric agents, and complete with the main components of the thermal and water-sanitary system. :
Stainless steel boiler with a storage capacity of 200l with a corrugated spiral fixed heat exchanger to guarantee a yield greater than 30% compared to a smooth tube exchanger;
Stainless steel buffer tank system 28l for hot and chilled water, complete with 20 mm thick insulation and scratchproof finish;
Safety and control devices, including thermal and sanitary system expansion vessels, safety valves and thermostatic mixer for sanitary systems;
To complete, the connection kits to the Toshiba heat pump are provided.