PdC Compress 7000 with internal wall unit

Compress 7000 Heat Pump with internal wall unit

Heat pump suitable for both new buildings and for replacements in modernization works.
It stands out for its high energy efficiency, the exceptional level of convenience offered and the optimal domestic comfort due to its silence

Main characteristics
  • Silent heat pump
  • Economic savings guaranteed
  • High energy savings both in summer and in winter
  • Different operating modes for the production of domestic hot water
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Durable and silent heat pump:
The outdoor unit with EPP protective shell makes this heat pump extremely light, resistant and silent.
The 5 and 9 Kw models reach 44 dB (A) of sound power in "Silent mode".

High energy savings:
High energy savings are a lasting guarantee over time thanks to the very high performance of this heat pump, both in winter and in summer,
with flow temperatures of up to 62 ° C with the only intervention of the heat pump without any auxiliary generator.

Guaranteed economic savings:
The regulation of the heat pump in hybrid systems is able to establish which is the most advantageous energy source through real-time measurements to maximize economic savings

Different operating modes:
Different operating modes for the production of domestic hot water,
in order to ensure maximum comfort and high energy savings