PdC Compress 7000 with indoor unit with integrated kettle

Compress 7000 AW heat pump with indoor unit with integrated storage tank

Reversible air / hydronic water heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Main characteristics
  • Silent heat pump
  • Economic savings guaranteed
  • High energy savings both in summer and in winter
  • Different operating modes for the production of domestic hot water
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Durable and silent heat pump:
The external unit with EPP protective shell makes this heat pump extremely light, resistant and silent.
The 5 and 9 Kw models reach 44 dB (A) of sound power in "Silent mode".

Maximum system compactness:
Maximum compactness of the system thanks to the boiler integrated in the indoor unit

High energy savings:
High energy savings are guaranteed thanks to the high performance both during the winter and during the summer

Different operating modes:
The heat pump has different operating modes for the production of domestic hot water (DHW)
to ensure maximum comfort and high energy savings
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