PdC Compress 3000

Compress 3000 Heat Pump
Reversible air / water heat pump for heating, cooling and sanitary water.
Ideal in every situation, it suits every home and allows a high energy saving.
  • Split external unit, refrigeration circuit to be realized between external and internal units (R410A refrigerant)
  • Universal solution, delivery temperature reaches 55 ° C with only heat pump
  • Energy savings thanks to the high energy efficiency COP up to 4.8 *
  • It is suitable for every home thanks to the modulation of the inverter compressor
  • Satisfies requirements for tax deductions (renewal or energy redevelopment) or heat account
  • Ease of use thanks to the new HPC400 setting with user-defined graphical user interface on internal pre-configured unit, for control and setting of system parameters:
    • climate regulation
    • cooling parameters
    • operating limits
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  • Four different internal units that can be connected to the outdoor unit: AWBS ** hybrid: hybrid system compatible with any auxiliary heat generator;
  • AWES electric: monoenergetic system with integrated electrical resistance;
  • AWMS kettle: monoenergetic system with electrical resistance and kettle for ACS;
  • AWMSS solar kettle: single-energy system with electrical resistance and solar coil tank for ACS;
  • Powerful range of power to meet different needs: 7 power outputs from 3 to 15 kW with single-phase or three-phase power supply
  • Equipped with High Efficiency Circulator, Anti-condensate Isolation (AWES, AWMS and AWMSS)
  • External unit that can be installed on wall mounting brackets (only with single-fan unit type 2, 4, 6, 8), or on floor support
  • Indoor unit supplied with external temperature probe, flow temperature probe, DHW / ES temperature sensor and filter interception valve; for AWMS and AWMSS safety and by-pass vent
  • It complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC and Electomagnetic Compatibility 2004/108 / EC
* According to EN 14511 A / W 7/35 ° C
** Uninsulated internal unit usable for cooling operation with flow temperature above dew point
The energy efficiency class indicates the energy efficiency value of low-temperature products (35 ° C) ODU Split 6, ODU Split 8, ODU Split 11s, ODU Split 13s, ODU Split 15s, ODU Split 11t, ODU Split 13t, ODU Split 15t, models of the COMPRESS 3000 AWS product line. The energy efficiency classes of other models in this product line may be different
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