Thermostat Easyontrol CT200

Easycontrol CT200 Thermostat with Wi-Fi and remote control on APP
Wherever you are, you will feel at home with the smart EasyControl thermostat that can be managed via smartphone using the appropriate app.
The revolutionary EasyControl thermostat from Bosch allows you to manage your heating system at any time.
All you need is internet access on your smartphone to adjust the temperature in all the rooms of your home with a touch or set a weekly schedule for both heating and hot water.
In addition, with the app you can also check your energy savings, constantly monitoring consumption. Finally, in the event of malfunctions of your heating system, you can request immediate assistance, directly from the app installed on your smartphone.
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  • Smart thermostat up to 20 rooms, adapts to your habits and your movements
  • Combined with a class A condensing boiler, it allows you to request a 65% deduction
  • Wi-Fi connection, manageable through the EasyControl App, customizable and intuitive
  • Elegant with glass touchscreen, white or black, for a design object
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