Description of appliances
CERAPURINCASSO is designed for concealed installation and provides maximum comfort in only 250 mm depth.
CERAPURINCASSO perfectly integrates into the facade thanks to the possibility of painting the "shell" of the same color of the wall.
  • Saving interior space and no aesthetic impact outside the living room thanks to the niche installation with recessed shell
  • Excellent performance, robustness and reliability over time thanks to the Al-Si WB6 alloy primary heat exchanger
  • Handling from inside the home by remote control TF 25, supplied as standard
  • Integration with solar thermal systems for domestic hot water production thanks to the Solar Kit
  • 2-star health comfort according to EN13203-1 / 2: constant hot water temperature
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  • Al-Si WB6 primary primary heat exchanger
  • Automatic antifreeze function up to -15 ° C, both sanitary and heating side
  • Expansion vessel 6-liter heating circuit
  • Automatic filling device
  • Electrical insulation grade IPX5D
  • The energy efficiency class indicates the energy efficiency value of ZWB 24-1 EI products, ZWB 28-1 EI, models of the CERAPURINCASSO product line. The energy efficiency classes of other models in this product line may be different.
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