Condensing gas boiler
Condens 2300 W is the ideal choice for those looking for beauty and innovation, thanks to its ability to combine high performance, energy efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and innovative design.
  • Excellent performance, robustness and reliability over time thanks to the primary exchangers in Al-Si WB6 alloy
  • The modulation ratio reaches up to 1:10, and is constant over time thanks to the modulation system without mechanical parts. This is to obtain greater gas savings and high comfort even with low requests for sanitary water
  • The maximum seasonal efficiency obtainable from a condensing boiler (94%). Possibility of having a Class A + boiler with the combination of a modulating thermoregulator with climatic function
  • The extremely compact dimensions of this boiler make it the ideal replacement when you decide to change the old one
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▶ Simplified installation and maintenance operations
▶ High efficiency guaranteed by the wide modulation range (1:10)
▶ Small size: adapts to any home environment and represents the ideal solution
for replacement interventions
▶ Optimal insulation to ensure high silent operation
▶ Accessible and intuitive electronics
▶ New rounded design and intuitive controls
▶ 3-star sanitary comfort, the maximum achievable according to EN13203-1 / 2
▶ Compatible with Bosch EasyControl thermostat, remote control via a special App
7736901284 Caldaia Cond. Condens GC 2300 W 24 C (ACS+RISC) 
7736901286 Caldaia Cond. Condens GC 2300 W 30/24 C (ACS+RISC) 
7736901284 Caldaia Cond. Condens GC 2300 W 24 C (ACS+RISC) 
7736901286 Caldaia Cond. Condens GC 2300 W 30/24 C (ACS+RISC)
Code 7736901284 7736901531 7736901286
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