Condensing gas boiler
Excellent comfort
The new CERAPURACU-SMART condensing boiler thanks to the 48 liter integrated boiler guarantees high health comfort.
CERAPURACU-SMART keeps the water temperature constant even with multiple taps open at the same time.
  • Excellent performance, robustness and reliability over time thanks to the Al-Si WB6 alloy primary heat exchanger
    Compactness thanks to the integrated 48 liter tank
  • Remote management via Bosch CT100 (only for mono-zone systems) (1) or via MB LAN2 module (accessory) compatible with CR 100 or CW thermoregulators ...
  • Integration with solar thermal systems for the production of domestic hot water thanks to the only thermostatic mixer TWM20 DN20
  • 3-star sanitary comfort according to EN13203-1 / 2 thanks to the integrated 48 liter tank
  • Energy saving thanks to integrated climatic regulation (only the external AF probe should be added)
  • External installation, in a partially protected place, in compliance with current regulations
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  • Al-Si WB6 primary primary heat exchanger
  • Accumulator, thermovoltrified steel, 48 liters
  • Expansion tank for 10 liters heating circuit
  • Integrated 2 liter expansion vessel
  • Suitable for use with drains of Ø 60 mm
  • Handling with Bosch Control CT100 (accessory), modular digital thermoregulator, with wall-mounted soft touch display, with elegant and refined design; equipped with smart and functional app (*).
  • External installation, in a partially protected place, in compliance with current regulations.
(1) The use of CT100 excludes the possibility of installing other thermoregulators and accessory modules (eg CW ..., CR ..., MB LAN, etc.). The energy efficiency class indicates the energy efficiency value of product ZWSB 30-4 E, a model of the CERAPURACU-SMART product line. The energy efficiency classes of other models in this product line may be different.