Sale Solar Thermal Panels

Coenergia is a distributor of Solar Thermal Panels of the latest generation of the best brands on the market.
The Solar Thermal Panel allows you to capture and harness the energy produced by the sun and turn it into heat energy. These panels are used in solar thermal systems made in civil or industrial heating and production of hot water. These systems can be mainly of two types: natural circulation and forced circulation. One of the main advantages of solar panels is that they are high quality, long lasting, have a great value for money.
(Just for Italy) Also remember that you can take advantage by the deduction of 65% or by the incentives of the thermal account in 2014. To know the prices of the panels or to get a cost estimate, just select a brand and a model and consult the appropriate data sheet. We also offer pre-sales consultancy to advise you in choosing the most suitable panel according to your needs.
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