Flat Solar Collector Trienergia TRI-DPI

Flat solar collector Trienergia TRI-DPI20 / 25 / 29
(only vertical position)
To a considerable saving in the production of thermal energy for domestic hot water
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Solar Collector Trienergia TRI-DPI
Flat solar panels TRIENERGIA TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29 consist of a large absorbing surface able to capture and transform solar radiation into heat.
The frame is made of welded aluminum profiles that give the structure stability and strength to last.
The absorber is made of aluminum and is welded to the copper circuit with laser technology; to maximize performance, the entire absorbent surface is coated with a highly selective film. The cover is made of highly resistant, extra-clear tempered glass.
The thermal insulation is made with mineral wool.
The installation is made possible on any flat, inclined roof, in the garden or similar spaces, thanks to the specific anchor brackets.
It can be installed only vertically
Product advantages
  • Significant savings in the production of thermal energy for space heating and domestic hot water
  • Production of clean thermal energy
  • Reduction of traditional generator use
captive screw fixing system for ALL panels - parallel with sloping roof
  • TRI-DPI-SFF1 - Stud Fastening System for 1 Panel TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
triangular fixing system (FLAT 45 °) for ALL panels - flat roof
  • TRI-DPI-SFP1 - Fixing system for flat roof 45 ° for 1 panel TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
hydraulic fitting set for ALL panels
  • TRI-DPI-SET1 - Hydraulic fittings for 1 panel TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
  • TRI-DPI-SET2 - Hydraulic fittings for 2 panels TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
  • TRI-DPI-SET3 - Hydraulic fittings for 3 panels TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
  • TRI-DPI-SET4 - Hydraulic fittings for 4 panels TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29
  • TRI-DPI-SET5 - Hydraulic fittings for 5 panels TRI-DPI20 | TRI-DPI25 | TRI-DPI29