Vacuum solar collectors SV15T

Solar Panel Trienergia Vacuum SV15T
with integrated connection Tichelmann
To a considerable saving in the production of thermal energy for heating and for domestic hot water
  • ACS
Warranty on the panels: 5 years + 2 year warranty extension
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Solar Panel SV15T
TRIENERGIA SV15T vacuum solar collector is created to ensure a maximum yield during the winter and to work to perfection during periods of colder climate. It is designed to produce hot water and to integrate the heating system allows to reduce the costs of fuel consumption.
TRIENERGIA SV15T is made up of an innovative system of integrated hydraulic:
the third inner tube to the head of the collector eliminates the traditional return line for balance to a view on the roof, the hydraulic connection in parallel of up to 12 manifolds per battery.
Product advantages
  • Third tube integrated, no pipes exposed on the roof
  • Maximum yield winter
  • Perfect operation even with significant declines temperatures
  • Modern design and easy installation
  • Assembly time reduced to a minimum
Benefits for the user
  • Considerable savings in the production of thermal energy for heating and for domestic hot water
  • Production of clean thermal energy
  • Reduced use traditional generator
Code TRI-SV15T
Capacity (L) 3,28
Gross Area (m2) 3.42
Net Area (m2) 2.866
Dimensions (mm) 2002x1710x120
Weight (Kg) 72.0
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