Solar Stat. SS60|100-D double tube

Solar station double tube - max 100mq
TRI-SS60 within 60mq 
TRI-SS100 within 100mq
D: without control unit
DC: with control unit
  • Solar systems with forced circulation operating with antifreeze or water liquid
  • Solar systems with vacuum and flat panels
  • For solar systems up to 100 sq.m.
Solar station Warranty: 2 years
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Solar station double tube 60-100 mq
The solar station is composed of
  • Compact safety group with safety valve and pressure gauge
  • Wall mounting
  • Ball valves with integrated thermometer and check valve
  • Seals ensured by flat stops and flat gasket
  • INTERAXIS 125mm
  • A special rear metal plate fixes the unit to the insulation and allows easy installation both on the wall and on the boiler