Single-Phase Trienergia SunUno Plus1K-1.5K M1

Single-Phase Trienergia SunUno Plus1K-1.5K M1
The photovoltaic single-phase inverters of the SunUno Plus series from Trienergia are characterized by reduced dimensions, low weight, high efficiency, ease of installation and use, stability and reliability and are the preferred inverters for residential photovoltaic system.
  • POWER: 1200 | 1800 W
  • 1 MPPT
  • IP65
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Flexible and Efficient
  • MPPT efficiency of over 99.5%
  • wide input voltage range (50V to 450V)
  • lower loss of efficiency due to high temperatures

Convenient installation
  • transformerless, less volume and weight (5.6kg)
  • easy to install
Easy to use
  • integrated RS232 interface, with the possibility of wi-fi / GPRS / Ethernet extension
  • remote control and cloud monitoring
  • IP65 protection level
  • Aluminium case design to enhance heat dissipation and prevent
Code TR-1000M1 TR-1500M1
Pmax Generator Wstc 1200 1800
Pmax for every Mppt (Wp) 1200 1800
Regulation Field MPPT Vdc 60-425 60-425
Max Input Voltage Vcd (V) 450 450
Input Current Adc (A) 11 11
Nominal Power (W) 1000 1500
Max Power (W) 1100 1650
Output Current Aac (A) 4,3 6,5
Nominal Voltage Network Vac (V) 230 230
Rated Line Freq. (Hz) 50/60 50/60
Max Efficiency (%) 97,1 97,2
Max Efficiency (%) 96,6 96,7
Data Communication RS232 RS232
Protection Degree IP65 IP65
Weight (Kg / Lb) 5,6 (12,35 lb) 5,6 (12,35 lb)
Dimensions (mm - “) 315 x 260 x 120 (12,4 x 10,24 x 4,72) 315 x 260 x 120 (12,4 x 10,24 x 4,72)
Techical Note Con sezionatore DC Con sezionatore DC
- Numero inseguitori MPPT:1 Numero inseguitori MPPT:1
Factory Inspection NO NO
Certifications CEI 0-21 CEI 0-21

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