SolarEdge ThreePhase Inverter Synergy Technology

New Inverter Three phase Synergy Technology - SolarEdge
Specifically designed to work with power optimizers
New Inverter three-phase E-SERIES SolarEdge
Available power:
SE50K / SE66.6K / SE90K / SE100K / SE120K
The new technology brings improvements to the current product line in terms of:
  • More power, with models up to 100 kW for 400V networks and up to 120 kW for 480V networks
  • Innovative system pre-commissioning functionality to verify the correct functioning of the system before connecting to the network
  • Modular and lightweight design, with identical synergy units that work independently of each other and a synergy manager who manages the entire inverter system
  • Enhanced system safety with built-in temperature sensors in the DC and AC terminal blocks and integrated, field-monitored and field-replaceable RS485 and DC Type 2 surge protectors (Type 2 AC surge protectors are optional)
The new Synergy three-phase inverters allow you to combine high power and ease of installation. The inverter consisting of a master unit and two secondary units called SESU is the SE66.6K, the inverters consisting of a master unit and 3 secondary units are SE90K / SE100K / SE120K, the latter only for 480Vdc connections.
Warranty: 12 years extendable up to 20 years
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New Inverter Three phase SYNERGY - Solaredge
  • Pre-commissioning functionality for automatic validation of system components and cabling during the plant installation process and before connecting to the grid
  • Easy installation with just 2 people and a lightweight modular design (each inverter consists of 2 or 3 Synergy Units and a Synergy Manager)
  • The independent operation of each Synergy Unit guarantees greater operation and ease of maintenance
  • Built-in thermal sensors detect wiring defects, ensuring greater protection and safety
  • Integrated arc fault protection and optional Rapid Shutdown (RSD)
  • Integrated PID mitigation functionality to maximize system performance
  • Field replaceable * monitored surge protection devices for increased resistance to lightning or similar lightning surges: Integrated SPD for RS485 and Type 2 DC SPD, Optional AC Type 2 SPD
  • The optional integrated DC safety switch eliminates the need for external DC disconnectors
  • Integrated module-level monitoring with Ethernet or cellular communication for full system visibility
Code SE66.6K-K SE66.6K-Q SE66.6K-C SE90.0K-K SE90.0K-Q SE90.0K-C SE100K-K SE100K-Q SE100K-C SE120K-K SE120K-Q SE120K-C SESUK SESUK-RSD

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