The monitoring device high performance Aurora Logger is available in three different levels to meet budget and different applications, from residential to commercial and industrial. All versions collect data from inverter Power-One and log them on the site, thus acting as an Internet gateway, send the data to be stored in unified platform systems management Aurora Vision. The component Aurora Logger Max allows you to perform both the management of customer data that commands and controls the operation of the inverter for photovoltaic systems for commercial and utility. The residential version is available for those who need to monitor only single-phase inverter, while the commercial is suitable for the monitoring of all string inverters and a weather station optional.


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All models of Aurora Logger include the following:

  • Data management system with serial ports and Ethernet that allow the recording of data
  • Power supply 12 VDC 1A
  • Installation and rapid provisioning (including a DHCP client for automatic IP address assignment)
  • Collection and loading of information almost in real time on the platform Aurora
  • Vision Internet
  • Reliable and secure transmission of operational data to Aurora Vision
  • Capabilities that facilitate remote configuration updates via the internet
  • Additional features of Aurora Logger Max:
  • ModBus TCP Server using maps that are compatible with SunSpec to perform in a simple interface SCADA systems, data collection and inverter control
  • Support for all inverters, meters, combiner and weather stations Power-One
Code AB-VSN700-1 AB-VSN700-3 AB-VSN700-5 AB-VSN700-50

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