BYD BOX Storage HV 400Vdc

BYD BOX Storage HV - da 6.4 a 57.5 kWh
400 Vdc  -  HIGH VOLTAGE
The BYD HV system consists of individual modular B-Plus H battery modules, each of which has a nominal capacity of 1.25 kWh.
The system can be formed from 6.4 to 57.5 kWh.
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BYD BOX Storage HV - from 6.4 to 57.5 kWh
BYD's Storage HV BOX is a storage system consisting of individual vertically positionable units for the construction of the high voltage storage system.
For each high-voltage system, at least 5 modules (capacity 6.4 kWh), up to a maximum of 9 units (11.5 kWh) are required.
The individual battery units do not require an external connection. To complete the storage system it is necessary to use them together with the BCU unit.
If you need more power, you can connect the various systems in parallel with each other, until you get the maximum capacity of 57.6kWh, equivalent to 5 total systems.

Batterie HV Alta tensione 400Vdc 

BY-BCU-H         |    BCU Battery Base HV
BY-BPLUS-H      |    Battery Unit 48Vdc 1,28kWh
BY-BBOXH6.4    |    Battery Box 256Vdc 6,4kWh with Base BCU H
BY-BBOXH7.7    |    Battery Box 307Vdc 7,7kWh with Base BCU H
BY-BBOXH9.0    |    Battery Box 358Vdc 9,0kWh with Base BCU H
BY-BBOXH10.2  |    Battery Box 409Vdc 10,2kWh with Base BCU H
BY-BBOXH11.5  |    Battery Box 460Vdc 11,5kWh with Base BCU H