Solar Stat. SS-M mono tube

Solar Station SS-M mono tube
Solar station mono tube - MT 3/4 "- 1" up to 20 sq.m.
  • Solar systems with forced circulation operating with antifreeze or water liquid
  • Solar systems with vacuum and flat panels
  • For solar systems up to 20 sq.m.
Solar station Warranty: 2 years
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Solar Station SS-M mono tube
The pump station TRIENERGIA SS 20M, consisting of return:
  • Flowmeter regulation with filling and draining valves and solar pump with high efficiency.
  • 3-way flanged ball valve with non-return valve 10 mbar (the non-return valve can be excluded by rotating the 45 °) handle provided with handle thermometer (thermometer with blue ring; 0 ° C-120 ° C).
  • Safety group 6 bar with manometer ø50 mm 0-10 bar with 3/4 "male for expansion vessel. Output drain 3/4 "F.
  • Wheelbase 125 mm. The EPP insulation box (dimensions: 155x425x150 mm).
  • A special back plate fixes the unit to the isolation and allows easy installation both to the wall to the kettle.
  • PN 10. Constant temperature 120 ° C; (Short period: 160 ° C for 20 s).
  • Available external connections: 22 mm compression, 3/4 "Male.