Solar Control Unit CT4

Solar control unit TRIENERGIA TRI-CT4
Differential temperature control unit for the control of solar systems with 2 circuits and 1 or 2 tanks
USE: The TRIENERGIA TRI-CT4 solar control unit is the electronic regulator for the management of solar thermal systems which is necessary to ensure correct and safe operation in a safe and durable way.
Solar control Warranty: 2 years
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Solar control unit TRI-CT4
The solar controller TRIENERGIA TRI-CT4 is an electronic controller for the management of solar thermal systems need to ensure, in a safe and durable, proper operation. The regulator is controlled by a microprocessor which controls and manages formats solar systems from a collector field and a kettle. It allows adjustment of the solar pump speed and offers the possibility of detecting the hours of operation of the pump and store the minimum and maximum values of the temperature of the collector and the tank. In addition to the solar plant management it plays important control and safety functions. The system parameters and measured values can be monitored and changed via the LCD display.
  • animated representation of solar system functions
  • Adjusting the solar circuit pump speed
  • Holiday function (storage tank recooling)
  • Operating hours observation of the solar circuit pump
  • Optimization vacuum panels
  • Temperature limitation
  • Monitoring and reporting sensor fault
  • Display of minimum and maximum temperature of the storage tank and of the solar field
  • Displaying the operating status of the pump
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Speed control