TRI30PA Fotovoltaic Module

36-cell polycrystalline module, 156 x 39mm.
For 12Vdc systems.
Warranty: 2 years for the product.
Suitable for stand-alone installations
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Code TRI30PA
Rated Power (Wp) 30
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 21,17
Current Open Circuit Isc (A) 1,90
Rated Voltage Vmp (V) 17,64
Nominal Current (A) 1,70
Efficiency (%) 10,56
NOCT (°C) 45
Coeff Voc (%/°C) -0,32
Isc Coefficient (%/°C) 0,047
Pmax Coefficient (%/°C) -0,43
Tolerance (%) 5Wp
Voltage System (V) 1000
Max Load (Pa) 2400
Weitgh (Kg/lb) 3,40
Dimensions (mm) 798x356x30

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