SNOCU - Regalgrid

SNOCU (Smart NOde Control Unit) is a device which allows inverters, batteries and smart meters available on the market to communicate with one another, making each system an active node of an energy community.
SNOCU is the first independent device able to communicate with inverters and storage systems of any manufacturer
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REGALGRID technological platform (hardware and software) enables the users to make the most of the renewable energy surplus generated by individual energy generating systems and the excess of battery capacity, sharing benefits with community members.
The architecture consists of three levels:
  • Local: SNOCU (Smart NOde Control Unit), an innovative gateway, developed by us, which connects to the Regalgrid® platform. This unit transforms the energy flows into digital data and sends the appropriate commands to local devices to improve self-consumption within the community
  • Cloud: a server platform that manages all the data from the SNOCU units and processes the objectives of each system in real-time as a function of the expected consumption and generation
  • Remote: an archive server platform for the behavioral analysis of each system, to draw up the final statements regarding energy exchange, and for the remote diagnosis of the systems
Regalgrid SNOCU Single-Phase

RG-SNOCU-M   |   SNOCU Single-Phase from DIN bar with Monitoring License
RG-SDM230      |   Single-Phase Meter RS485 ModBus x SNOCU-M
RG-SNOCU-LM   |   License servicesi Peak Power & Enegy Sharing for Single-Phase installation

Regalgrid SNOCU Three-Phase

RG-SNOCU-T   |   SNOCU Three-Phase without license
RG-SDM630     |   Three-Phase Meter with 3 TA 24-5 x SNOCU-T
RG-SNOCU-LT  |   Licence Services Power Boost & enegy Sharing for Three-Phase installation
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