DELTA Panel - LED light

DELTA Panel - LED light
interior lighting
DELTA PANEL is the utmost of the simplicity of LED lighting in the tertiary sector. DELTA Panel, is designed for use in offices, large areas and modern and essential workplaces.
  • Over 50.000 hours of life
  • Excellent color rendering
  • More natural light! CRI RA>80
  • 5 years warranty
Powers Availables: 39W
Available in ECO version with 3 years warranty and 41W power (EL-EP41-663 | EL-EP41-664)
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Code EL-EP41-663 EL-EP41-664 EL-LP39-663 EL-LP39-664 EL-LP39-1233 EL-LP39-1234 EL-LP-KIT-FP EL-LP-KIT-FS
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