Wallbox Copper

Wallbox Copper 7,4 - 22 kw
Wallbox Copper  It provides an innovative charging experience with natural interaction. Wallbox has created a revolutionary charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids, integrating facial recognition and Sense movement detection technology for the first time. In addition to these innovations, Copper has a sophisticated combination of technology, design, size and functionality to ensure optimal charging performance
Available in silver and copper color
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  • Copper has facial recognition technology ensuring that only authorised people can use the charger
  • Through gesture interaction technology the charger can be switched on and the power can be adjusted with a single hand movement. 
Code WB-CPT1-07S WB-CPT1-07C WB-CPT2-07S WB-CPT2-07C WB-CPT2-22S WB-CPT2-22C
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