MaxiCharger AC Wallbox - AUTEL

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox - AUTEL
AC Wallbox is an innovative, versatile AC charger designed for homes, businesses and parking lots.
Type 3 charging mode | from 7,4 kW up to 22 kW

Monitoring: Autel Charge App
Protection degree: IP65, (IP54 for the version with socket), IK08
RFID reader for local access management
36 months warranty with possible extension
Cable or Socket version
LCD screen (optional)
MID certificate (optional)
4G (optional)
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Enhanced safety, multi-layer protection technology:
Maxicharger+ BSM i cloud + real-time vehicle data analysis for early safety alerts.
Safe charging mode to prevent overcharging and keep the battery charged.
Real-time battery monitoring to prevent the risk of thermal leakage.
Increased reliability and protection, IP65 protection
Anti-corrosion, anti-dust and anti-condensation.
Error rate reduced to 80%.
Excellent cooling system design that lowers the temperature at full load by 10°C compared to the industry average and extends the life of the device by more than 8 years.
Operating temperature from -40°C to +55°C.
Longer battery life Intelligent Diagniosi
Increase battery life by up to 20% thanks to our innovative Al algorithm for battery testing.
Battery protection via safe charging mode.
Greater convenience, charging management via cloud and app.
Remote management via the Autel Charge app.
Remote updates and diagnostics.
Easy to install and maintain thanks to the modular design (installation in 8 minutes without the need to open the back panel).
Code AU-W07C5D AU-W07C5W AU-W07C5S AU-W22C5D AU-W22C5W AU-W22C5S AU-W22C5D-4 AU-W22C5W-4 AU-W22C5S-4 AU-W22C5D-4L AU-W22C5W-4L AU-W22C5S-4L